Welcome to the page. For now this page will used for links to cool things of interest to agorists, cryptoanarchists, and bitcoin enthusiasts.

Agorism is a libertarian philosophy and revolutionary strategy of undermining the state through counter-economics. Agorists deprive the state of resources by engaging in peaceful, voluntary exchanges outside of state control in grey and black markets. Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto-currency that will enable individuals engage in peaceful transactions with other individuals anywhere in the world outside of the control of any bank or government entity.

The Volatilaty of the US Dollar

The Volatility of the US Dollar is a post I wrote about the instablity of the dollar relative to bitcoin.

Introduction to Agorism

New Libertarian Manifesto and An Agorist Primer were written by Samuel Edward Konkin III, the creator and chief activist of agorism. In them SEK3 offers his ideas about how a free society would function, and how counter-economics can dismantle the state. New Libertarian Manifesto is available as a free PDF, and a print version of New Libertarian Manifesto is available from Here's a link to free PDF of An Agorist Primer, and you can get a dead tree copy of An Agorist Primer from

Agorism in Fiction

Alongside Night is a great novel about agorism by J. Neal Schulman. You can download a free PDF of Alongside Night here. You can get a print copy of Alongside Night from here.

More About Agorism

Here is some more information about agorism on the Wikipedia Agorism page,, AGORIST.ORG, the wiki page Agorism, The Agorism Project, and the Agorism Facebook page.

Crypto-Anarchy and Libertarian Entrepreneurship

Crypto-Anarchy and Libertarian Entrepreneurship is an excellent series of articles by Daniel Krawisz.

Libertarian Fiction

The Prometheus Awards were created to honor new and classic libertarian fiction. Prometheus Award Nominees is a list of 517 books by 265 authors that were nominated for a Prometheus Award.